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Audrey J. Boissonou
Branch : Danville
BRE License # : 01268758
NMLS# : 254351

600 San Ramon Valley Blvd. Suite 202
Danville, CA 94526

Phone # : 925.575.9957
Fax # : 925.280.2907
Mobile # 925.788.1351
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Audrey J. Boissonou


In 1989 when I first entered the lending industry, if you could verify your income, loans practically grew on trees. It wasn’t so easy to find a house to buy with your loan, but getting the money wasn’t a problem. As a newcomer in the industry before computers were used for everything, the hardest thing was to fill out all of those forms properly and waiting days for a full credit report to be hand delivered to my office.

After 22 years, I am no longer a newcomer, all of those forms are automated and I can pull a credit report in seconds. But that is not all that has changed. Over the years, my clients and I survived several crazy market cycles. There were times when the market was so challenging, that 3 out of every 4 lending specialists walked out the door and never came back. Why, you may ask, am I still here?

The real answer is that I am still here because my clients are still here. I must be doing something right, because they keep coming back when they need new loans. And they keep sending their friends. Of all the people I’ve assisted in the last year, 100% were either repeat clients or referrals. I am grateful to have such fantastic support from my borrowers and friends – thank you!

I think it takes a certain kind of person to do this work well. Obviously you have to be very comfortable with numbers to truly understand the intricate mechanics of different rates and loan structures. You have to like getting into the details to make sure that every entry on that form or computer screen is correct so the process can move forward smoothly. There are many people like myself who enjoy working with numbers and details. But when difficulties arise and markets go awry, understanding the numbers is not enough. Understanding your clients and their financial needs is the only thing that matters.

When we sit down to discuss your needs, come ready to chat. I enjoy getting to know people and I believe that spending a little extra time to understand your unique financial situation really helps me to find the best possible loan for you with the least possible difficulty. And if you need another loan in the future, I’ll be right here, looking forward to seeing you again.



I have only the highest recommendation for Audrey Boissonou, Mortgage Consultant. She is that rare combination of deep experience, knowledge, and HEART. It's never fun to go through a refinance, especially in today's volatile market, but having Audrey alongside me every step of the way actually made it easy. She was able to cut through institutional BS, reassure me when I was anxious, and ultimately get me exactly what I needed. She is a true gem! -- Anne Diskin
Anne Diskin

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